Choosing a Wedding Photographer

So, you're choosing a wedding photographer and you're looking for some ideas..... Here are some thoughts... photographers either give their customers all of the images on a disc/thumb drive with a copy write release or they retain the images and charge extra for the images on disc or they just charge for prints, etc. My customers receive all of their images on disc/thumb drive for no extra charge, it's included! No complicated pricing structure here.  In addition to giving my customers all of their images on disc/thumb drive, I also put all of their wedding photos in an on-line gallery, which also serves as a backup of their wedding images.

Personality - Yes, we're all different... we all have different personalities and we all handle things differently. I am a calm, reserved person, that's easy to work with. Being the center of attention is not my goal.  I'm there to get the great image, and then move on to the next...  I like to think that, hey, your paying me to be here, let me know what you need. For example, during wedding receptions, guest and family members frequently ask me to photograph family and group portraits for them and I don't mind at all.

Price - My pricing structure is fair and straight forward. Based on the amount of time that you'll need, I offer several wedding photography packages that provide varying amounts of hours.  All of my wedding packages include all of the images with copyright release.... so I'm not asking for any more money after the wedding.

Quality of Work - I think that a lot of brides and grooms choose a wedding photographer based on their  quality of work and creativity. As a photographer, I try to be different from the rest. Yes, I take the posed photos, but I really want my wedding couples to be having fun, showing emotion and just being in love. I am going to take the best wedding photos when my couples are enjoying themselves.

Hope that helps & I hope to be your photographer!